Crescent Girl’s School

Created in 1956, Crescent Girls’ School caring airy leaders and has been providing a nurturing and innovative environment for generations of pupils to be benevolent, assured women. Instruction in Crescent will consistently represent the assurance we have in our pupils our intention to prepare pupils for the challenges of the future, and ’ skill. We always blaze new trails for our pupils to find new learning opportunities which will empower them to be wholesome people who believe in themselves and what the future can offer them.

At Crescent, there’s a healthy emphasis on curricular and co-curricular programmes. In developing our pupils to become outstanding and well balanced scholars, we embrace a pupil-centred strategy in pedagogy, incorporate higher-order thinking abilities and provide many chances for pupils to learn. To prepare them into responsible members of society and benevolent citizens of the world, strong emphasis is put on the growth of mindset of excellence, strength of character, dedication to teamwork, leadership potential, and other 21st century abilities and

In skill to use technology to result in engaged learning and acknowledgement of our outstanding holistic program, the school was chosen as one of the first few FutureSchools@Singapore.

This site provides you with a glance of the Crescentian learning experience which empowers pupils to realise their potential as leaders and women of tomorrow.

The school is also nearby the upcoming development @ Dundee Road, Queens Peak.

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